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Donkeys, Day 4

Today was a busy day and perhaps not the best moment to choose to do a digital collage, especially not when I have as hard a time doing art drafts as I do writing drafts.  I can't just do big strokes and leave it at that (I did put my foot down at adding details and textures...). But I'm learning. Boy, am I learning lots with this little project. That alone is quite fun.

One not-so-fun thing I've learned is that my scanner's color settings are waaaay off. Going to have to dig out the user's manual and see if I can tweak that.  The colors are not true to life, but that encouraged me to play more. And I learned that I have to spend more time familiarizing myself with Photoshop Elements to achieve the colors I want. In the meantime, this will do:

4 Donkey Digital Collage

"Digitalized Donkey," mixed media* digital collage
Original colors (photographed with pretty cruddy light, so...) just so you can see the difference if you are curious. I do think the final version pops more, but it is not at all the palette I want to work with when I settle on a style.

(I had started to cut out the tree with a cutter, and then thought, Nah, much faster with the drawing tablet. But was it? :P

* For my own memory purposes:
Background: homemade watercolor
Tree: Cut-out of ink drawing with watercolor splotches
Donkey: Cut-out from waxed paper that had served for baking my last loaf of bread, color change is digital, as are the details: Waxed paper does not like or accept ink.
Tags: art, donkeys, lost slipper, that thing called writing
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