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Needing a miracle - MIRACLE RECEIVED!

Last night, the story I told S involved her, in her cat form, jumping after a bird that had landing on the air conditioning unit that is attached to the outer railing of our balcony. In the story, Soëlie as cat, overshot her leap and had a scary fall to the unit on the floor just below us.

This morning, N'Djema fell off our 4th-story balcony. We can't find her. We don't know if she is alive. Please send her good thoughts wherever she is. I want the good thoughts to be that we'll get her back, in good health, for her not to be suffering. That might take a miracle, though, and I don't know if I'll get another miracle where our little 3-legged wonder is concerned.

Julien found her! She seems ok. Now we just have to wait to see if she doesn't have any internal hemorrhaging. We would appreciate your good thoughts to that effect instead. :D
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