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Belongings do not make a home, and yet...

The moment I've been waiting for happened yesterday at 9:25 a.m.:  The inter-phone rang and I buzzed the movers through the downstairs door. Our things from France arrived at last.

Now, I believe, I can view our new home as home. With all of our country-hopping over the past couple of years, we've left so many parts of our lives and interests in storage at my mother-in-law's house. There is still a studio (and an attic) at her place crowded with our furniture, art, books, and so forth, but most of what we hold dear for one reason or another is now here with us.

The first step will be finding everything a place--the kitchen is good to go and, let me tell you, I'm so grateful to have my spices and a whisk and a vegetable peeler and, and, and...--and the next will be to start making again.

I'm eager. Welcome home, belongings!
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