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A little something volcanic

January is Volcano Awareness Month in Hawai'i. Did you know?

Since I'm writing a book featuring a volcanic island and--*waves at asakiyume*--I know one other person on my flist who also has a story in which a volcano plays a part, I'm going to share some related photos from our world trip.

Whether you need volcano inspiration or not, I hope you enjoy a glimpse of the trip that brought the Sprout into our lives. :P

No lava flow here, just lots of hydrothermal activity and beautiful colors on extinct volcanoes:

Mammoth Springs, Yellowstone

First, above and below, Mammoth Springs, Yellowstone.

Mammoth Springs

Artist's Paintpots:
artist's paintpots

Clepsydra Geyser:

geyser, yellowstone

White Dome Geyser:


Extinct volcanoes, Sajama, Bolivia
Above and below, extinct volcanoes around Sajama, Bolivia.
Extinct volcano, Sajama, Bolivia
Ollagüe Volcano, on Bolivian/Chilean border:

volcano, Bolivia
Extinct volcano near Dali's Rocks:

Extinct volcanoes, Bolivia

I spend hours on the Internet, looking for inspiration for the Witherwilds, forgetting that I already have a ton of it on my external hard drive.
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