The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Snippet Sunday

This week I read the 60K words I have on WW book 2 and then started a new opening scene to that book.

I just wrote this, so it is rough and raw and seriously lacking in setting and such. Whatever. Time to fill in and polish later. :D

“You smuggled the trader out,” Lelo hissed to Sola, holding the sapient by the arm. “If you got him out, you can get my mother out, too.”

Sola did not fight Lelo’s grip, even though it must have made her uncomfortable. In a toneless voice, she answered, “Then I was going toward my creator, going home. No one will believe I’m returning to Settlement Town now.”

“They will if they think my mother sent you. Tell them she wants to you see the Songwall yourself, or…or she wants you to carry a personal message to Ario.”

“What message would she have me carry to the dead?”
Tags: goals, snippet sunday, that thing called writing, witherwilds

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