The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Snippet Sunday

Another week gone and I did not write, not once.  I only did so now because I made a deal with frigg that we would both do it.  So much for being back in the writing game, eh.

Maybe this coming week will be better. Or maybe not. Maybe next week, I'll show a snippet of the Christmas ornaments I've been making.

“No one who saw the day of your birth could think otherwise. Don’t remember, you, just a wailing babe and all, but—”

Baxente lifted his hand and spoke over Densi; “It was noon on the hottest day of the summer. The skies were cloudless but hazy with heat. Suddenly a shadow appeared at the edge of the sun. The shadow grew and grew, lowering across the sun like an eyelid until day became night. Hundreds of stars shot across that blackness, falling to earth like tears. Then it rained, on the hottest day, in the hottest month, ending the drought that had lasted a year.” His mother had described the day to him countless times, about how she thought the heat would kill her if the birth didn’t, how she could see the sky from her birthing chamber, how he was born the moment the stars fell.

“Nothing has been seen like it since the Skyfall brought the Hexad to us.” Densi grinned, the expression in his eyes akin to someone preparing to flay an enemy. “The Hexad, just the topic I was wanting to discuss.”

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