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Snippet Sunday

I'm in the middle of packing and cleaning for tomorrow's move (g'bye St Jean de Luz), but I want to post Sunday's snippet while it is still Sunday.  I worked on the children's book again this week and have even started a storyboard. I had a few illustration ideas, but having the storyboard layout, with the correct number of pages, has shown me that I need even more drawings than I thought...assuming they fit with the text layout.  Writing with pictures is technical and challenging in a way adult/non-illustrated fiction is not. :P

“Where are you going in such a hurry?” the queen asked.

“A weasel chased us from our home. I must find shelter for my family before nightfall.” The shrew looked at the princess. “Her bonnet is too big for her, but it would make a perfect nest for my little ones.”

“I’m sorry,” the queen said. “It is not mine to give. It was a gift from the king.”  She pulled off her own hat. “You can have mine if you like. I made it myself.”

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