The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Snippet Sunday

EEK! Forgot yesterday was Sunday.  Thanks mindseas for putting up your snippet and reminding me to post, albeit a day late. I have a good excuse for not being online yesterday, but that will be another post, perhaps tomorrow.

In the meantime, a snippet from what I've been working on this week. Not Witherwilds, but a children's story that I promised Julien I would finish before year's end.  I've got the story almost hammered out. Then it will be time for illustrations.

A donkey hung its head over the fence of its pasture. “Those slippers would keep my hooves nice and warm this winter.”

“Snow would ruin the slippers,” answered the queen. “And you have four hooves. Two slippers would do you no good.”

The donkey heehawed. “If you lend me the slippers, I can use them to keep my ears warm. That will be perfect. I have four hooves but only two ears.”

“And very fine ears they are.”

“Long and fluffy, everything an ear should be,” agreed the donkey. “The slippers, which are too big for the princess, will fit them perfectly.”

Tags: lost slipper, snippet sunday, that thing called writing

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