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When unable to summon the necessary brain cells and energy to come up with a blog entry, link!

Neat stuff I've happened across, being in no state to publish an original post. The only thing worse than having the sole care of a sick child, is having the sole care of a sick child when you yourself are sick and have just started your period. Yeah, TMI. Sorry about that. Here, have some links to cool stuff:

"Crop" circles on the ocean floor:

Not a hoax. Click on the image to find out who/what is making them.

Even though these trees were covered in webs after the 2010 floods in Pakistan, I just stumbled across the photo yesterday. Now I have a little fable dancing around in my head.

Not for long, though. That fable is about to be ousted by dancing dreams instead, unless the fable visits my sleep, too. G'night, LJ.
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