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Snippet Sunday

Something a little different today.  Today was a seaside day--more about that tomorrow, in its own post--so the snippet will be scene notes that I wrote while at (and inspired by) my special spot on the coast. These are not new notes; they date from the first magical writing day I had up on the cliff, the day I took the photo for my icon:

waves rolling in
shadows of rocks and turtles beneath the water
spotted dolphins
ocean spray like whales* blowing water, 
a reminder that the black whale watches over them.

the line between sky and sea
sresrees able to go into air
go beyond boundaries
ships on horizon

birds wheeling overhead
bits of gray and white waves taken flight
vegetation clinging to the rocks

Waves so loud how can you think?
Maybe it is good not to think for a while
Or maybe to think differently.

Cool breeze against her face, hot sun on her back, she was poised on a brink, on the threshold of another existence, part of both places at once.**

*No turtles, dolphins, and whales here. Those were inspired by the warm waters of Mayotte, which resembles Paoqei's location a lot more than Basque country. :P
**you see, asakiyume? Liminality...

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