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More friends in Dreamland

This is the week to be dreaming about my flist, I guess.

Last night, I dreamed that we were visiting frigg in Denmark.*

We met by a little lake that had a "fjord" on one side, lovely steep, rippled mountain** flank plunging into the water, and a small village on the other. frigg was getting ready to swim and her husband and one of their friends were fishing. She told us we could go on without them or stay, whichever we liked. We boated across the lake alone, and then suddenly frigg was there, too. We walked through the village, then a shop selling antiques and secondhand things, into a back yard. The little shop was just crawling with teen girls, which must have been in my dream because of a convo frigg and I had about her teaching art to kids of that age.

Turns out the yard was connected to others--yards on each side, separated by tall plank fences with chain link for the back, giving on to prairie land hemmed by forest--and frigg's house was the next one over. She had planned a big picnic, complete with all her Danish friends and acquaintances, for our arrival. I didn't get to visit much with her because she was so busy--not cooking but being social! Not really like my sickpea at all--so I spent time counting dark-haired, dark-eyed Danes to see if there were more brunettes than blonds, this bit also coming from a convo about frigg's book starring a blond Danish boy. 

The Sprout and I started coloring and soon we had a bunch of Danish children doing art with us: painting, building sculptures of sundry materials like wood and paper, creating dye-baths (reading a book about dyeing right now).  One little girl, who looked a lot like  Quvenzhané Wallis in this photo from Beasts of the Southern Wild, told us there was a treasure in a murky pool at the foot of a gnarled, hollowed tree stump. We all gathered round, but the dark deep waters were not inviting. No one dared go in search of the treasure...

Speaking of the dream realm, I don't think I'll be shape-shifting any time soon--unless asakiyume can teach me how to do it in Wakingland--and I highly doubt our visit with frigg will resemble what my brain threw at me last night, but there is another dream I had back in 2006 that may "happen."

I referenced it in a post--locked, sorry--but this is what I said: Back in Sancerre, I had another "daughter" dream where our girl, only 2-3 yrs old and riding on her daddy's shoulders, was dressed*** the same way. Same tan skin, same light blond, slightly curled hair.

What I didn't specify but still clearly remember was that we were walking in a desert, rolling dunes around us, but where we were the ground was flat from so much foot traffic, hard-packed sand with sharp pebbles.  We weren't in a maze, but there where sheets hanging all around, making it look somewhat like one.  In fact, it looked like a market or encampment...maybe something along the lines of what we will see in Egypt, when S is exactly the age from my dream. 

A dream tied to an art idea, all the way from 2007, has been on my mind of late, now that I'm back into art journaling every day...
* We ARE going to visit frigg in Denmark, in just two more weeks. :D
**Very funny considering how flat it is where you live, non, frigg? :P
*** wearing only a pair of white undies. Don't know why she would be dressed like that under the punishing Egypt sun, though. Maybe after a dip in the Rea Sea?
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