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So, I bought a dremel the other day.  It is still in its box.

I bought a sewing machine.  It is out of its box.  What was I thinking?  Among the things Little Miss Ambitious thinks she can make:  cushions and covers for a three-seat sofa and two armchairs; curtains; a fitted sheet for a king-sized bed; a suspended mosquito netting for said bed.  This is Little Miss Ambitious who hasn't touched a sewing machine since Home Ec back in the day.  I won't even comment on how long it took me to set the bobbin thread to stop making funky loops.  Still, I told J I could do it and I. Must. Succeed.  Today, I made the six loops for the cording that will support the netting.  Don't laugh at my paltry accomplishment.  It is difficult to sex (oooookay. Where is my mind?  Gutter, anyone?) SEW standing up.  I need a table.

I'm starting to have writerly thoughts again.  I hope this means a return of creativity and inspiration.

Thus endeth the update.

Pics of Mayotte will follow before next week....Probably.

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