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One of those days

Actually, I feel like I've been having "one of those" for the past three days, so today is just icing on that cake.

For the last three nights, every night, I've been woken up between 5 and ten times by a crying baby and mrowling cats. This morning, I couldn't take it when Tiboy started his awful yowling* at 4:00 a.m.--because once he starts, he shuts up just long enough for me to doze off before going at it again--so I stuck him and N'Djema, who also decided she wanted to meow at me, out on the terrace. Naturally, when I woke up this morning, Tiboy had jumped ship. I saw him across the road and went out to fetch him, but by time I got downstairs, he was already gone.**

His disappearance gave me an inkling the day was going to be fun-filled for me, especially since I'm headachy and sleep deprived. All that aside, I still felt amusement at Sprout's antics today, which frigg said I should record to use as future blackmail. The amusement will NOT last, however, if I have to do this everyday.  

This morning, I was cleaning the kitchen and she was supposed to be taking a nap. I heard a piercing cry, not the usual I-want-out-of-my-cribb-NOW whining, so I ran to room to find her naked, throwing a hissy fit because she couldn't get the blanket spread out over herself. I pulled the blanket away and saw a big spot of pee right under her butt cheeks. Her diaper was by her head, dry.  This is not the first time she's done this to me, and I'm sure it's far from the last.

Since it was almost lunch time, I took her out of bed, threw the sheet, peed-on blanket and mattress cover into the washing machine, and took S to eat.  Immediately after lunch, I put a clean sheet on, sans mattress cover since we only have one, and put her back in bed.

She was blessedly quiet for a long time. Then she started babbling. Sprout babbling in bed is usually Not a Good Sign.  Went to check on her and yep, naked again.

Only this time, the diaper she had taken off was full of crap and there was a nice big turd near the head of her bed.  She was standing on her pillow at the foot of the crib, her ankles brown with fecal matter. I showered her off and then stuck her on her potty while I proceeded to assess the damage. Everything in her crib had to go into the washing machine: sheet, remaining blanket, pillow, two stuff animals. Her little battery-powered musical book had to go into the trash. There was no way I could clean it properly without immersing it in water. After I got all the linen and toys out of her bed, I found crap on the floor and naturally the crib bars were smeared with it.

The whole time I was cleaning it up, Sprout kept insisting, "Messy caca. Caca messy." Yeah, kid, keep telling yourself that. I told her that she was the messy one, but she was having none of that and told me emphatically, again, "Caca messy."

And that is what I shall tell her when, as frigg says, I'm 101 and Sprout is the one complaining about changing MY diapers. :P

I'm going to go let the sound of the washing machine lull me to sleep and take a nap. I can hardly see straight. Thank the Lord, Julien will be home tomorrow, even if he can only stay a day and a half before going back to Bordeaux. :-<

* He seriously has the ugliest, most annoying meow I've ever heard. He's not a bright bead, by any means, and his meow pretty much reflects that.

** We have an upstairs apartment that seems like a cat would have no hope of escaping from, but somehow Tiboy does it. He has no way of getting back up, though, so I have to go round him up with the cat carrier and bring him back home all the time. Well, I say all the time, but he had stayed home for about a week, so I thought he was through with going exploring. :-<

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