The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Just the highlights

- Had a productive writing morning; was able to plot out Bax's arc/scenes across the trilogy, give or take a few scenes that will either become redundant or be added as/if needed.  I am doing this plotting on index cards for all the POVs, just jotting down the basic scene ideas, sometimes no more than a couple of words. I'm OK with this part of the plotting process, but every time I expand the ideas into actual scenes with scene-essential ingredients like goal, conflict, disaster, I get stumped. I think I don't need to know these key bits of info just yet and I can write on, trusting the point of the scene to magically metamorphose into something plot-relevant. Only, I ended up writing pointless scenes at worst, low-impact scenes at best. So this time, I'm realllllly trying to stay focused.

- Gathered some crithmum (rock samphire) at my special writing spot and ate it for supper. Very tasty raw (and steamed, which is how I served it to Sprout).  Can't wait to experiment with it some more. I also gathered a new-to-me mint.  There were two types: the one I picked, which was tasty; and the other, with small, deep red flowers. The second did not have a distinctive smell and the small nibble I took seemed OK, but I'd like to be sure of it before gathering a lot more.

- Napped for almost two hours.

- Biked down to the beach with Sprout and J this arvy. Had ice cream and played in the sand. Sketched a bit while J pretended to be a zombie in pursuit of of Sprout for supper. We get such a kick out of hearing her exclaim, "Encore 'ombies! Encore!"

- Kim chee is my friend. Finally got around to tasting the batch I made, and it is yummy.  J thought it was good, too, but said, "I don't know what you would eat it on, though."  Eat it on? I thought. Just eat it out of the jar! :P 
Tags: family, gourmandise, hodgepodge, saint-jean-de-luz, sprout, that thing called writing, wildcrafting, witherwilds

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