The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Back, in several ways

Back home again. We had a really lovely visit at my mil's house this time around. We went on a couple of hikes (16km one day and 4km the next), which I'll share photos of later, and I feel motivated to get into shape again the better to enjoy the fantastic outdoors.

For months now, I've been meaning to get back to my art journaling, and a LJ friend's resolution to a 30-day drawing challenge finally gave me the kick I needed to pick up some charcoal last night and do a quick sketch. Now I have to draw again today and the next day and the next, and I'll finally be back into the habit.

I haven't been writing of late--just the odd thought here and there--what with our guests and all, but I'm back into it now. Speaking of, I need to post a Sunday Snippet. That shall be another post. And I shall make an overall writing update post, as well, but that too will be another post. Tomorrow, with the photos I promised almost a month ago...

And speaking of "back," here is a bit of news I promised to get back with, too:  It is official--as in truly black-on-white, telegram, you-can't-take-it-back official--we are moving to Egypt. Julien will start work 25 Oct, so that means our move date will be a few days before that.

Time to start learning a few phrases in Egyptian Arabic.
Tags: art journaling, egypt, mazamet, that thing called writing
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