The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Back online

Our Aussie friends left today, so I'll be back online again, but maybe more so once we leave my mil's house at the end of the coming week.  Yep, here again because we came with S and S to enjoy the Bastille Day fireworks at Carcassonne.  Photos of that coming tomorrow.  

Sadly, our friends arrived sick, and I caught their crud (only not so bad) a few days in.  Because of all the ick, we didn't do much. The Sprout is manifesting signs of it today. :-<  I hope goes through it as quickly as I did. In any case, I predict much caring for a congested, aching baby in the coming days.

Anyone care to tell me what I missed? What have you guys been up to?
Tags: friends, ickiness, mazamet
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