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A Breath of Fresh Air

Yesterday was stifling; heavy air, 38 degrees Celsius/100 F. It was heaven to go down to the beach and wade up to my knees in the cool bay. See-through shrimp and tiny fish came to nibble at our feet. Who needs to go to Thailand or a spa and pay to have their feet immersed in a fish tank?

Last night, thunder rolled omniously; lightning purpled the looming clouds. Wind snatched leaves from trees and tossed them like confetti to greet the coming storm. The storm disappointed, spattering us with only a few drops before going somewhere else, where the party was perhaps better.

Disappointed, I closed my shutters, left open the better to watch the light show.

We woke up to a day that topped out in the low 70s, the sky still gray from last night's unkept promise of rain.

The Sprout and I had sourdough pancakes for breakfast and then headed to the seaside to pick a bouquet.

plantain, yellow flowersplantain, white flowers
grasses and clover
making a bouquet
queen anne's lacequeen anne's lace, confetti

We came home with this cyberbouquet of flower photos to share with all of you and , this last one in particular for you, pjthompson, if you want it :)


Oh, and my new icon. Brio. I like a little brio in my life.
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