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Sunday, lovely Sunday

If you want a lovely start to your day...nay, if you want a recipe for an entire day chockfull of loveliness--not just the morning--pack a tasty breakfast (in our case: chorizo, ewe & goat cheese and cow cheese from local farmer, homemade bread slathered in butter with a side of (also local) honey, some fruit, coffee and water), and head to a place with a nice view for an early-bird picnic.


When all are sated, in both tummy and vision, send the significant other off with your child so that...


with only skinks, sparrows, and petrified whales for company, you can work on your story before the pages calcify like those of the tome below:


Use your alone time to plot scenes, to make sure all your story dominoes are lined up, to brainstorm for that scene that takes place overlooking the ocean by listening to the sounds, really feeling the air, the sunwarmed stone underfoot... Write it all down. Contemplate layers and foreshadowing...

writing place

The sun beating down and the rumbly in your tumbly that says the picnic was hours ago will let you know when it is time to head home.

After a leisurely lunch, while loved ones nap, bake fresh cinnamon rolls and brew some smoked tea.  Wake the nappers and set off for a walk en famille.  The Domaine d'Abbadia with a short hike down to the Baie de Loya* ought to do the trick:
baie de loya
Who knows, maybe you'll find the perfect spot to build your future home. I could definitely build a home in that prairie, overlooking the ocean, with a view of the mountains and the Spanish coastline, oh yes I could!   

domaine d'abbidabi

If your day goes anything like mine, you'll come back home feeling lighter and freer and more in touch with everyone and everything around you.
* Bay of Loya sounds a whole like Moya, in Mayotte, which is what the view from above reminded Julien I of (last photo in this post).
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