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I am so going to be paying for this tomorrow...

Today, I felt like...Well, I felt quite blah. My horrid headache from yesty was gone, but the throat was itchy and a persistent cough has taken up residence in my chest. 

Despite that, and a very real and pressing need to clean my house, I was consumed by a desire to finish chapter 45.  Sooooo, 3576 words later, I have completed the beast and am in no condition to see if what I have written makes any sense.  I'm afraid that the protag's logic might be a bit shaky, and that's ok because she is supposed to be wrong, but I can't have the reading thinking, "Duh, girl, where's your head?" 

Anyhow, figuring out if it works is a task for another day.  Maybe not tomorrow because the wubs is coming home and if he sees the kitchen...*shudder*  Ok, I'm off to have nightmares about a sink full of dishes.  It is 1:18am... How early do I have to get up to get the mess cleaned?  How many hours of sleep will that leave me?  *wanders off counting hours on fingers and having a very hard time getting past four*

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