The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Off to a good start...NOT!

Subtitled:  True Presentiments

Remember that "bad feeling" I posted about?  The one about the association?  Yeah, well, turns out my bad vibe detectors were right on the money.  This morning Camille calls to tell me that in fact (insert a lot of hemming and hawing here) the association wants me to show up for four hours today (I only had two classes scheduled for a total of two hours).  Four hours.  Okay, what's so bad about that?  Well, only the fact that they don't want to pay me for any classes where there are less than five students, so, um, could I, like, um, do it for free?  I put my foot down and said no.  Nothing wrong with being nice, but I'm not getting off on that particular foot with these people.  I already did a two-hour radio interview for them, went to the sign-up day, sat around for an hour and a half waiting on Camille for our first meeting.  They aren't getting any more "free" time out of me.

He was very nice about my refusal and said that he will step in and teach today.  Okay, fine.  My car has arrived, so J and I are going to go to GT to get a lot of stuff that we need for the house.

Forty minutes later, Camille calls back to say, "Well, I negotiated for you with the president, and they are okay to pay you to teach the kid's class today."  So, he can negotiate after I refuse volunteer work, but not before?  He can get me paid to teach the kids--which he has no desire, as he has already stated, to do himself--but they can't pay me for one more hour to teach the adults as well?  Again:  Sorry, but no, Camille.  Let me know if you get things straightened out for next week.

I need to find something else to do and FAST!

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