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Come to the edge with me

asakiyume made a lovely, poetic post this morning that reminded me of these photos I've been meaning to post for, oh, over a month now.  :-/  

I've mentioned before that I live on the borders of Land, Sea, and Sky, but somedays, it is hard to tell where one realm begins and the others end. It is a special kind of Bermuda Triangle. 

If you go walking on the cliffs of a morning, take care where you set your feet, unless you have wings to lift you, or fins and gills to save you if you fall...
sky waves

Layers of rock. Land longing to become one with water, one with air? Or a tactic of the land to encroach on realms where it does not belong?
land and sea

the sea and sky

Beware the fog. Sometimes Sea and Sky join forces to confound the Landed. 
cloud cover

In some places, the Landed have built seawalls, but they cannot do completely without the water, and the Sky laughs at such measures.
sea wall, st jean de luz

A video of the song I was listening to while making this post:

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