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A moment of your time

I'm not sure if any of you saw this bit of news, but I'd like to ask you to take a moment to think about or pray for the families involved and any of the victims still hanging on and hoping for rescue.  As the article states, boats from Mayotte joined in the search, and Julien was part of the crew.  They found some of the debris, including several tanks of gas, but no people.  That is, not until last night.  A fisherman reported a dead woman caught on the rocks of one of the islets here in the lagoon, and Julien and three colleagues had to swim out to her and put her in a body bag.  The wreck took place last week and the authorities deem that there aren't any more survivors to be rescued.  It just wrenches my gut to think of someone still out there, able to hold on only because they have convinced themselves that help is coming.  Maybe it is silly, but I feel almost guilty of a wrongdoing to be in on the confidence that people are giving up the search and, by inaction, are snipping the final threads of what must be an extremely frayed sense of hope.


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