The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

And the Heavenly Host Sang

One week and one day later, we have hot water.

There will be a bath for moi this afternoon!

In other watery news, having grown up in a desert climate, I've always said I would never tire of rain. If we settle permanently in Basque country, I may have to revise that statement.  It rains. all. the. time.  Since moving here in mid-March, we have probably had a total of three weeks of good weather, and not on consecutive days.  It isn't raining at the moment, but it looks like it will start pouring down any minute.

I can definitely use my "rainy season" tag again.  Though I don't expect to see any refrigerators floating by any time soon...
Tags: hodgepodge, rainy season, saint-jean-de-luz

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