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Random as random can be

  • I can make you rich.  My strategy is very simple and straightforward:  Buy shares in companies that make mosquito repellent.  The Faure family consumption alone should make you a healthy profit.
  • Papaya is not my favorite fruit.
  • I don't want to teach English.
  • I need to send out some short stories.
  • My hair is getting blonder and my skin is getting darker (I always put on sunscreen)
  • I lost my toe ring.
  • Time or the proverbial "distance" sure changes one's perspective about one's own writing.
  • I hate mosquitos.
  • I wish a hideous death on all the mosquitos of the planet.
  • I loathe mosquitos.
  • It is time for supper.

Tags: hodgepodge, life in mayotte
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