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Gather round the fire for a frightful tale to hear

...or at least I imagine there could be a frightful tale attached to the place I'm about to share, and share now I must, for frigg is being a very impatient, pushy pea to learn where yesterday's gate leads.

Turn the knob and push. Pay no mind to the squealing hinges. Their noise is not foreshadowing. Or is it?

In the Basque village of Sare, there is a cathedral
Sare Cathedral interior

surrounded by a cemetery

Sare cemetery

with many traditional gravestones adorned with the Basque cross,

Tombstone Basque cross

but one tomb in particular is quite different


Is this fellow a guardian jailer or an accomplice, chained to keep it from helping its master escape death's prison?

Bat and chain

Difficult to see in the harsh light and deep shadow, but those immense chains (one on each side of the tomb), whose links are as thick as my thumb, are fastened to iron staples set deep in a large blocks of concrete.


Anyone have any suppositions to make about who might be buried here and why in such a fashion? (I don't have a clue.) Please share if your fancy has been tickled.

What I listened to while posting:
Joe Pug: Hymn 101
Joe Purdy: Why You
The White Buffalo: Oh Darling, What Have I Done?
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Beat the Devil's Tattoo
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