The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

The early birds get the worms and the shelter, too

This morning, we all woke with the dawn, only to find the sky cloud-clogged and the air full of a heavy drizzle.  We doubted the garage sale was going to go forward, but my brother-in-law went gamely forth with a loaded car, just to make sure. The event organizer said that if it rained, the sale could happen inside, but there wouldn't be enough room for everyone. When she said it, she made it sound like the sale would be cancelled since not all those who paid for and reserved their places could fit into the community center.

Turns out, even though Mat was an hour early, he was too late. The inside was full of tables and our name was not on any of them. Meaning we were welcome to set up shop outside, in the rain, which was no longer a drizzle but a steady fall.

Since we had parasols but no waterproof awning/tent, we nixed the sale and spent the morning setting up my mil's Mother's Day present*, a weather station, ironically enough.  Instead of the picnic we prepared for the garage sale, we went out to eat and had a tasty, copious lunch.

There are worse ways to spend Mother's Day, but I just wish I hadn't spent the last week digging through boxes, washing dusty bric-a-brac, and laundering musty garments and sports material. I wish I wouldn't have slept so poorly in anticipatory dread of having to wake so early.

Wouldn't you know, tomorrow's weather, like that of the previous 8 days, is supposed to be fine and dandy with not a raindrop in sight. 


* Mother's Day is the last Sunday of May in France or the first in June if the last one in May is Pentecost

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