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A word to the foolish

Not-So-Dear Racist Bigot,

I know that it may seem utterly incomprehensible to you that other "white" people in this world do not share your views concerning different ethnicities, but before you go calling those of African descent "monkeys" in my presence, know that I happen to have a...gasp...BLACK brother-in-law and nieces and nephews of mixed heritage,  a "sister" who is Hispanic/African American, Hispanic cousins and in-laws, not to mention dear friends of all nationalities and skin colors.

I. Do. Not. Share. Your. Views.  And. Furthermore. Do. NOT. Appreciate. You. Taking. The. Liberty. Of. Assuming. I. Do.

In the future, please, s'il vous plaît, por favor, tafadali, THINK before you try to foist your intolerance on the rest of the world.

I guess my strong feelings on this matter and the fact that I will not accept your attitude as being correct make me a bigot, too.

PS  I eat bananas.  Does that make me a monkey?
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