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Name that tune

One month ago,* while grocery shopping in one of the biggest supermarkets in St Jean de Luz, my cellphone rings and the following conversation with J ensues:

J:  Hey, Quela, can you help me with something?  Can you tell me who sings this?  You probably know...

J plays this song:


M: Easy. That's "Walk Like an Egyptian" by the Bangles.
J: Do you ever walk like an Egyptian?
M: Sometimes. It's been awhile.
J: Would you like to do it in Cairo?
M:  Are you serious?**
J: Yes.
M: NO!?!
J: YES! We've been taken [for the next open embassy post there].  It's not 100% sure yet, but we are first in line!
M: When?
J: December.***
M:  Christmas in Cairo! Ok, get ready for it; I'm going to walk like an Egyptian in the supermarket.
M does the "sand dance" down the exotic foods aisle, with the Sprout looking on like her mom has lost it.

So, here we go: four years in Egypt. Very much looking forward to it. :D
* I didn't say anything earlier because with J's job, it is better to wait until things are more official.  We still don't have the plane tickets in hand, but things are looking great.

** I immediately knew what he was talking about because Egypt was our second choice for the embassies, Congo being first.

*** The departure date has now been moved up to 24 October, Julien's birthday, meaning that things are very serious indeed and I shouldn't have to post a retraction. :P
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