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She likes her P-words or does it just seem that way

Whenever people hear Julien and me speaking to Soëlie in French and English, respectively, they often ask about her learning two languages. At her age, they ask less about which language she speaks and more about which language she *understands.* She grasps both equally well and is starting to have her own vocabulary, a nice mix of both momma's and papa's languages.

Her first word, besides "papa" was bye-bye, which she said at 13 months.

Since then, she's added, in no particular order:

pee pee
no / non
baby / bébé
papier (paper)
pompier (firefighter)
papi (grandpa)
tonton (uncle)
Manou (a nickname for "grandma")
pas beau
(not handsome - She has a toy called a "joli pas beau"/pretty not handsome, and now all stuff animals are "pas beaux")
s'cold (it's cold)
c'est bon (it's good)
take you (thank you)
tahkey (chocolate)
l'eau / wallo (water - she says it for rain, rivers, the ocean as well)
ballo (bottle - not a baby bottle--she doesn't have one. She uses it for all containers.)
ballon (ball)
pallon (pantalon - pants, but she uses it for all articles of clothing)
peas (for "pea" and "please)
papo (pepper)
hungee (hungry)
pitty pitty (pretty - saying it twice is apparently better)
howtshoes (house shoes - all shoes fall into this category except for...)
hapeau (chapeau - hat)
g-gurl (good girl)
ça (this/that)
pied (foot)
pain (not the English word for agony, but the French word for "bread")
Tshees (cheese)
kay-kay (rice cake)
kick-ken (chicken)
pahta (pasta)
a-ton-ton (attention! as in "be careful")
eyes (not for eyes, though; for sunglasses)
main (hand)
toot toot (no idea why, but she says it when she wants to nurse)

bobby (she has a red car called Big Bobby, so all tricycles and such rideable vehicles are "bobbies")

Plus a bunch of other words that she will repeat, but she hasn't appropriated them yet.

ETA: frigg reminded me that the Sprout also knows how to say manana (banana), appo (apple), and weewee (kiwi). :P
Tags: milestones, sprout

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