The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

A byland in the sky

Another way to Otherwhere:

If you can read waterunes,

Water Runes 1

if you can decipher their mixed messages of "This way! No, that!" (the trick is knowing you must read the water, too, and not just the runes),

Water Runes 3

perhaps you can find the byland in the sky. But only the cranes know how you may safely traverse the bridge that leads from here to Otherwhere.

Common Cranes, sky writing

I fear not many make the crossing, for few are those who read runes and fewer those who take time to talk to birds...


What you see here of the byland appears humble, maybe without interest; be not deceived. Otherwhere's mysteries and marvels, they are myriad.
Tags: france, le teich, pics: le teich, whimsy

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