The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

My New Year

I can't believe three months of the new year are firmly behind us; nor can I believe that two and a half months have passed since we came home from Albania, that almost a month has slipped by since we first moved to Saint Jean de Luz.

As with me and many things, I had such good intentions and high hopes for starting this year off well in terms of being a more rounded individual, plans to exercise more and eat well, to write more, to work on some art projects that seized my imagination while in Tirana, to... well, the list goes on and on. And on.

But here we are in April, and here I am, never having made that post to put all my goals and desires into words. Now I can't remember most of what I had decided on. That may make it sound like my goals and desires weren't worth much, but I think they were. I think I could even remember them and get some of that fire back if only I could sit and reflect.

I haven't been very vocal on LJ since getting back online. I've been recharging, watching Babylon 5, reading, exploring our new home...just waiting for the fire to rekindle itself, for reflections to illuminate me. Nothing so far. A change of tactics is in order. It is time I come back, converse, participate, bounce off and be bounced off of.

And so that this post doesn't sound mopey and oh-isn't-my-navel-fascinating, let me share some photos with you of my wee one celebrating resurrection and rebirth:

I intended to take better pictures on Monday (predicted sunshine), but Soëlie kind of ruined those plans with her exploration of her new "toys." She took egg hunting to a new level. 

She ran very thorough tests. Wasn't too convinced about the taste of the shell though. Not that that kept her from trying another one. :P

nipernaadiagain this (and the first one) is an egg dyed with red cabbage. It was a brown egg (not too dark); white eggs turn a brighter color. :) The second one was like yours: dyed with onion skin.

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