The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Eels, turtles, and dugongs, oh my

Yesty, we went on our third dive. Before even getting in the water, we spotted a large turtle at the surface. Looking a little bit farther afield, I saw an enormous dark shape. We jumped up on the benches and foredeck (sorry to all you boating pros; I don't know proper names), and the dive master said, "It's a dugong!" We hastily untied from the buoy and boated toward it. Unfortunately it got scared and took off before I could see it up close or swim with it. They are pretty rare here. Only about ten of them.   During the dive, we didn't see any more turtles, but once back on the boat, we saw several, two that were at least two feet across.

We saw too moray eels during the dive. One actually swimming out of its hole. It was nearly four-foot long. The second one we saw was much larger. The diameter of its head was easily 24" and that particular type of eel can measure nine feet. I would have loved to see it out of the hole. I saw a juvenile royal anglefish for the first time, as well as clown triggerfish. Does anyone on my list know anything about coral reef fish? I need help identifying a fish that we saw. It looked like a lyretail hogfish, but the black/maroon edging on the top and bottom of its tail intersected on its body. Is this a normal variation of the lyretail hogfish? We also saw some enormous pufferfish and the usual crop of parrot, tang, and unicorn fish, not to mention angels, butterflies, and chromis, etc. etc.
Tags: sealife

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