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Women, please stop; I'm begging you

I hate, hate, hate the "sexy" pout thing that women think they have to do when they are being photographed.

Women, your lips are fine the way they are. Poking them out makes you look many things--including but not limited to: ridiculous, desperate, unattractive, insecure--but they do not, I repeat NOT (yes, I broke out the all caps) make you look sexy.  

You cannot know how uncomfortable it makes me to see my adolescent nieces with their lips jutting out, thinking they look pretty, thinking that looking "sexy" is the only way a woman can acceptably look.

How can they think otherwise when women with full mouths like Angelina Jolie also do the exaggerated lip pout?  This is the photo that brought my desire to rant about this to a head:

(image via

   Unfortunately the pout is not flagrant at this size, but the image I saw was a full page on the back of Polka magazine.  The ad is for Louis Vuitton's Core Values campaign.  I just wish it was a core value to teach girls to respect themselves as humans and not sex symbols.  However, big kudos for Jolie's natural pose and down-to-earth clothing.
Oh, check out Jim C. Hines  Striking a Pose (via PW Genreville). I hope cover designers and editors are paying attention.
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