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Ready for a little bit of Lj spamming?

I'm sitting in a bookstore café, with a few hours of me time on the horizon, so it is time to play catch up with LJ and hopefully write and sketch a little.  Good music on café sound system (and when they let me down with George Michael or Celine Dion, I put on J's fancy earphones and escape into my own iTunes), flowering tea in a tall glass beside me, surrounded by books and no smokers (in Albania, no one respects the no smoking signs :( ), sounds like a good way to spend an afternoon.

The light in the café leaves a lot to be desired but I took a pic with my laptop anyhow. Accessing Photo Booth, I found the other, rare photos I've taken.  How fun to see the other places my Mac has been. I should remember to use the laptop camera more often (and I might if the quality was better...)

Top to bottom, L-R:  view of the mountains in Coroico, Bolivia, after our bike ride down Death Road; San Pedro d'Atacama, Chile on Christmas Eve; on a boat cruise on Ha Long Bay, Vietnam;  The Friends Bookstore, Tirana, Albania.
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