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A bad feeling

I have a bad feeling about the association I'm going to be teaching for. They are extremely disorganized. There is a minimum enrollment of five students before a class can take place. After the sign-up yesty, I have three adults, and three preschool children. Camille says we'll give it a few weeks, but I may be unemployed before I even start. I don't know what I should be hoping for. *smirk* In any case, if I want to work, I think it will be up to me to organize and give private lessons.

Another idea for working would be to do crafty things and sell them. I have some ideas for jewelry and lamps from materials that I have at hand--shells, coconuts, etc--but I'm afraid of not being original enough or there not being enough of a demand. I know that if I can create nice enough things, I could also attempt selling on the net, but, but...I'm scared of failure. (Not, as one might imagine, of not making a profit, but of creating something shoddy and of poor taste.) I'll never know though if I don't try. There is also the possibility of getting more into art and doing paintings, sketches, and watercolors, yet, again, I'm not naïve enough to think I can make a living at it.

I guess my catchphrase for the day should be: You never know until you try. OR Qui ne tente rien, n'a rien.

But now I'm not going to think about work because I'm about to be taken on a surprise adventure by my wonderful wubs. Expect an update tomorrow.
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