The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Can I interest you in my dream for the future?

This is not a New Year's post; that will come later.

This is a writer dreaming about a project she has had in mind for several years now, a dream she wonders if she should try to make come true. You can help me fuel the fire by participating in an informal poll:

Say my husband and I bought a property in southern France, near the Pyrenees Mountains and we renovated it so that I could host retreats, workshops, etc for artists, writers, and people interested in learning French cuisine. If money were not an issue (obviously at this stage in the dream I have no concrete idea of how costly this would be*), would staying at such a place interest you?  What kind of services and experience would you be looking for?

ETA: To clarify, J and I aren't ready to hang up our traveling shoes just yet, so this is a project, if undertaken, that will NOT be ready in the immediate future.  We're probably looking at at least 5 years down the line--lots of time to squirrel away some savings. ;) 

And if you want to link to this and get your other writer friends to participate, I'd appreciate it.

* I would have to be able to pay the mortgage on the place and not run myself into debt with food, paying teachers, etc., but my goal with this scheme is not to make scads of money, rather it is to bring creative types to me. I want to be a part of inspiring others and to, in turn, be inspired. And, while I can host events for French speakers and get something out of art lessons, where the written word is concerned, I selfishly want to be able to hobnob with speakers of my native tongue.

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