The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Spring would never come

...if I were Persephone* and, to boot, I'd be damned to an eternity at Hades' side because I cannot. stop. eating. pomegranate seeds. Four seeds? Who was she kidding?

I know the season will soon be over, but for the moment, there are gorgeous pomegranates, as big as my two fists, on fruit stands everywhere.  And the seeds are tangy, juicy, ruby perfection. I haven't tasted pomegranates so good since I was a child and could eat them straight from my aunt's tree.

* I never could stand Persephone.  I still remember being 11, curled up on my bed with a book on Greek mythology and getting mad--yep, downright irritated--at the thought that she could eat ONLY four seeds. :P
Tags: albania, gourmandise

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