The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

On the Corner of Blue and Tree

One day, not long ago, happily minding my business on the Internet, I saw a photo of blue trees for artist Konstantin Dimopoulos' "afforestation art action."

I didn't think much on it besides wondering how the trees were painted, how long it would last, etc., and then, not a week later, at a certain museum in the town I'm currently staying in,* I saw a painting with blue trees:

Never two without three, as they say in France, a few days later, while wandering down a small side street in search of Christmas cards, we came nose to needle with a blue Christmas tree. And I don't mean a blue spruce. I mean blue tree, like this:
In all its awful 7-foot blue-tinsel glory.  Forgive me if this kind of tree floats your holiday boat. I think it is almost as shudder-worthy as the unholy tree, personally.

This post brought to you by the color...

You only thought I was going to say the B-word.

*We weren't supposed to be taking pics in the museum, but we didn't notice the sign forbidding it. J offered to erase the images from our card when museum staff brought it to our attention, but they didn't insist. I plan on sharing more about the museum and art there, but I'll do it in a locked post with photos visible only to friends.
Tags: albania, art, out of my ordinary, the things i see

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