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Emily and The Woods

I've listened to this more than once today.  

She has such a forlorn look on her face at 1:50 when she sings, "I didn't ask to be born; I don't think that I'll ask to die."

Summery video, but fall is fading fast here and winter temperatures are at last flirting with our evenings if not our days.  I guess I better post some autumn photos before it is too late.

Blazing oranges, yellows, and crimsons are not the only colors of fall:

Perhaps I should say "Don't play" a little more often to Sprout...

Or not. But I did say, "Don't put that mushroom in your mouth," before I snatched it away, realized not all the pieces were there, and rushed her and the remaining mushroom fragments to a nearby pharmacy to make sure she hadn't swallowed something toxic.  Thankfully, she hadn't.

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