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The Door to Otherwhere

If you want to get to Otherwhere, I know a way, a between way, as any way to Otherwhere should be.

This particular way lies in France, between Biganos and Le Teich, between two rivers that snake through forests of oak and pine, their heads buried in the Bassin d'Arcachon. You know you are on the right path when you venture off the main road to head down the dirt track guarded by two files of oak trees. Make sure to keep the algae forest to your right:

Don't think to detour and amble beneath those leafy, dark branches; that is a one-dimensional place, not roomy enough for both Other and you.

Travel on, past the wanderers who have fallen prisoner to the mushroom siren song:

Beware the X that marks a spot. You cant miss it, there on your right, a compound X, a many-legged X, screaming out, "It's here, here at my roots." Don't be fooled, for many is the fool who has passed that way, never to return.  It seems to me that an X that tries too hard must be a ravenous X:

Continue on until, when you look left, you see that the river looks like any other river...

and an intent look to the right reveals a house, hiding.

The Sideways Tree is near, and often, to get to Between, you must go sideways:

And there, beneath the tree, between water and sky, is the Door:

This post was inspired by the joyous, unbounded creativity of asakiyume.

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