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Some things cannot be left to the chance of a Christmas gift

I'm treating myself to a book for Christmas because my favorite book-buying site,* BetterWorldBooks, is having a Black Friday sale (going on now through this weekend) where the purchase of three or more books gets a reduction of 15% (with the code BLACKFRIDAY).

The book? Wildwood, by Colin Meloy, singer for The Decembrists. Review here on the NYTimes to give you an idea what it is about and what a critic thought. (Disclaimer: I didn't read the review. I hardly ever do. :P )

I follow a blog called Design*Sponge (full of nifty posts on diverse topics), and that is where I first heard of Wildwood. I clicked through on the links not so much because of the blurb but because of the illustrations done by Meloy's wife, Carson Ellis.  The images tickled my sense of whimsy and I'm in the mood for a book with illustrations. I still remember being told that I was "too old for books with pictures" and the hurt I felt at that. It took me years to want to read again as voraciously as before. Oddly, I was not drawn to comics, then or now, but I do love illustrated stories.

I don't know if it will arrive before I leave for Albania, but here's hoping!

* "free shipping" to France?  Oh, yeah, I'm there. Yes, I know the higher prices cover the shipping, but BWB is a site with a literacy-funding mission I can get behind. And they don't have a minimum amount to qualify for free shipping.
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