The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

A list kind of day

It is beautiful out, but so was yesterday, and because I spent the morning and afternoon outdoors, I didn't get much done. Today, I need a little more focus so I can get to bed before midnight...and do so with a house that isn't untidy.

- Clean and cook the mushrooms I harvested yesterday
- Debone chicken and make red chili sauce
- make tortillas
- sweep and mop and vacuumed the bedrooms to boot. Doesn't take much to make me feel like Superwoman...
- Un/load dishwasher
- fold and put away laundry that is being washed as I type
- write 750
- art journal (haven't done this in a week!!!!)
- IF I get the above done: Go out for more mushrooms -- Not going to happen.  Gets dark too early now. Alas... :(
- Sort at least five more iPhoto albums
Tags: listmania

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