The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

What's eating you?

According to the pharmacist, my itchy, bumpy, allergy-thing, probably-insect-bites ongoing saga is to be blamed on this blasted devil and his kin:

(image via Wikipedia)

Harvest mites, aka chiggers!  I have yet another outbreak of bumps after Sunday's bike ride and yesterday's walk in the ornithological park.  I ITCH!  I can't get rid of one crop of bites before the next pops up. I tried using Tiger Balm a couple of times, even though it is not recommended for nursing women, that's how bad the itching is, how mad it is driving me, keeping me awake and waking me at all hours...the hours when S is not waking me, that is.

But, there is a reason Tiger Balm is not to be used by nursing moms:  Every morning that followed a use of the balm, S would spit up. She usually never does that. I went several days without using it but last night used just a smidgen.  This morning, spit up again. Not much, but enough to confirm that the balm was to blame.

The pharmacist gave me a "safe" brand of antihistamine cream, but I am sad to say, it is not working.

Oh, my legs, I want to claw them to shreds! 
Tags: ickiness, whinging
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