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Bits and bobs over a cup of tea

1.  The other day, driving alongside the landscaped parking lot of a supermarket, I thought to myself: They've changed the trees!  (as in took out the old, grown ones and planted new, grown ones) D'oh.  It was just that the leaves had changed color and someone had lopped off the tops.  Sometimes my brain is a scary place.

However, so are other people's brains:

2. Stupidest thing I've seen recently?  Leg warmers for sale, singly. 6 euros ($8.30). For one. At the risk of sounding highly un-PC, are there really that many one-legged people out there for this sales tactic to be considered thoughtful and not just downright greedy and stupid? And before anyone suggests that mixing and matching was behind the scheme, there was only one color available.

3. ...

Er, well, I gave you bit and I gave you bob, but I can't, for the life of me, remember what else I wanted to write about. frigg helpfully laid this lapse at the foot of my aging brain.* I fully expect that I shall wake up tomorrow knowing what else I wanted to blab about.

*How's that for mixed imagery?
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