The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

1.5 days of somewhat slacking

That's all it took for the house to look like a bomb site again. *wails* Why can't I be a neat freak, who gets things done immediately?  Why must I say, "later," and then later becomes too late?

ARGH.  *kicks self soundly*

We are taking some stuff to J's mom's house tomorrow, so I have to, um, pack it first. We don't have a full house worth of stuff here, but we have enough for several car loads. I have to be smart and pack the car well to make sure we don't end up having to rent a truck.


~ Vacuum and mop floors
~ tidy kitchen and living room(Still have to tidy the dining table,but it is full of stuff to pack)
~ fold laundry
~ Pack up books
~ pack clothes and bedding that will not be needed before we leave here
~ write 750(794)
~ art journal (finished Mirco)
~ exercise (bike ride)
~ make fungi post
~ make bits and bobs post

As I said in the subject line, I've only somewhat slacked off. I've been writing and have 5838 words to show for my first week of novel_in_90. My character sketch of Mirco has been taking up my art journaling time, and it is looking pretty good. So, yeah, some accomplishments.
Tags: character sketches, le teich, listmania, move, ni90, that thing called writing, updates, weekly progress report

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