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Seven Small Steps for Soëlie; One Giant Leap Toward New Adventures

Milestones? I got your milestone, Mommy!

Two days ago, Soëlie started letting go of walls and furniture to brave the world Without A Handhold.  After two steps, though, she'd either fall or lose confidence and crouch down to crawl.

Today, she decided she could do more.

With a tiny tin cup plastered to her mouth in drink position--I don't know how she could see, and maybe she couldn't and that was what gave her confidence to just keep walking--she took about ten steps from the kitchen counter towards where I sat at the dining table.  By the time I grabbed my camera, turned it on, and started dialing up the ISOs, she had already sat down.

I praised her and cuddled her for a little while and then got my settings right on the camera.  I put her back by the cabinets, and she rewarded me with seven more tottering steps. I know there were seven because I have the video to prove it!  First steps unassisted: 12 months. Hooray!  Tomorrow I have to try to get the video online for her proud papa. Too bad he is working in Paris at the mo and missed this momentous moment.

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