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And so it begins

With the beginning of novel_in_90 and getting back into making writing a part of my daily life, I've decided to instate, or reinstate, more of a schedule in my life. I am not as productive nor a good steward of my (free) time when I don't have a "job" with a boss and a paycheck. The days are long and I can do what I will; so most of the time, I end up whiling away hours the day on the Internet. I'm too realistic to think I can say, "I will write from 9:00-10:00 everyday" and actually be permitted to stick to it.  But I can make a list of things that need doing and proceed to get them done. 

I have many projects that are in the works; I need to finish them because I have other projects that I will soon need to get underway for the holidays. Writing time must be scheduled and stuck with but so must time for creating, for exercise, etc. I wear a lot of hats.

Since the day we bought my bike and Soëlie's bike seat, I have been very good about getting out, exercising and getting fresh air. That is a habit that is pretty well set, but with the arrival of poor weather (it is rainy and gray out, a true "fall" day; scratch that.  It's gorgeous out; I had to change into short sleeves), I know it won't be so easy to keep up. I have to make the effort, though, for both Soëlie's sake and mine.

I'll probably post my to-do lists here each day, behind a cut. I know my mundane doings are not of interest to the population living outside my brain, but I like keeping track of such things and I'd rather waste LJ pixels than paper.

So, today:

~ Make deodorant 
~ Write 750 words (or more) (got 878)
~ plot at least 3 more chapters
~ Art journal
~ exercise
~ Put the zipper in S's sleep sack
~ Clean the floors after supper (with a baby, this has to be done at least twice a day; already did it once)

I want to keep adding stuff, but that is enough for today. I have to have unplanned free moments, too.

Tags: goals, listmania, ni90, pics, sprout, that thing called writing, the best laid plans

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