The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

My hands aren't idle

And yet some people might think so when they see what I spend my time doing (frigg particularly wanted to see how it turned out; however, I suspect she secretly wishes to mock me in public).  Actually this didn't take me long once I got a polo to work with. What took ages was finding a suitable shirt.

I will hide this behind a cut for those who don't think S is cute enough to redeem something rugby related. :P

So, she has her little USA flag, and her French flag, and it is black with the fern for the All Blacks because a) the world cup was held in NZ, and b) that's where she was conceived. And the number 10 is because she was born 10.2010.  And I would rather, if someday she plays rugby, that she has the physique of a fly-half than a prop. :P

Tags: pics: le teich, rugby, sprout
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