The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

My, what a keen sense of observation you have!

Foot in mouth...

Yesterday at the garden store, Julien was carrying Soëlie on his shoulders--Soëlie who was wearing a pink* turtleneck, with pink-striped tennis shoes and pink-striped socks--and a lady said to us:

Lady:  Aw, baby boys are so cute, aren't they? 
J and I exchanged looks and agreed that indeed they are.
Lady: Sadly I only had one boy.  Girls can be cute, too, but then they grow up and become brats.

Didn't we have a good laugh in the car...

Keeping on with the foot theme...

If ever you are, say, wearing flip-flops and happen to be standing next to the car tires, snapping your baby into her carseat when your husband (or significant other) thinks you are already IN the car and proceeds to drive away, do not--I repeat do NOT--try to jerk your foot out of the way.  Just let the car roll over your toes before you scream or try to move clear.  Jerking the foot away results in a double ouchie as the skin on your toes and your toenails are scraped against the tread.  

Miquela, getting hurt so you don't have to...


About as agreeable as a mouth full of sand...

After two water-n-vinegar baths, two afternoons of sitting out in the sunshine, and an entire spray bottle of odor "destroyer" from the local pet store,  the couch STILL reeks of cat urine.  :-< 
*No, I'm not saying boys can't and don't wear pink, but this lady was not being open-minded; she was making a silly assumption that lead to her putting her foot in her mouth, even if she didn't realize it.
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