The Wayfarer (mnfaure) wrote,
The Wayfarer

Misty October morning

For the past few days, we've had unseasonably hot weather, peak-of-summer hot, not your typical balmy Indian summer temperatures.  So this morning it was a surprise to wake up to a day that resembled true October.  A very nice surprise, indeed, to find out our new home is just as capable of offering me foggy goodness as Sancerre was. 

So, what should one do on a misty October morning in Le Teich?

How about pack a breakfast picnic and head to the port, which is nestled next to the ornithological park*...

...on a bicycle, of course!

We just got the bike seat for Soëlie, and I think she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Here's hoping we have some more nice weather so we can continue taking advantage of our new environs.

Tomorrow, the beach...

*This area is providing great inspiration for a locale in To Be Undone, and exploring, observing, breathing the air is getting me excited to work on the project. Sadly, the locale in question is already one of the firmest in my mind and is well-represented in the book. Still, maybe re-entering the story through this place will ground me enough to make the other locales come alive.

Tags: cycling, le teich, pics: le teich, that thing called writing, to be undone

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